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Factory Floor Slip Resistant Easy Cleaning Floor Tile

  Food factory slip resistant easy cleaning tile floor  Food factory slip resistant easy cleaning tile floor

Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt, has been making beautifully crafted chocolates for almost 150 years.  The company recently constructed a manufacturing facility in Marsden Park, NSW and opted for ceramic floor tiles instead of epoxy, because of their slip resistant, easy cleaning properties and longevity.

Food and beverage production areas, whether chocolate, dairy, meat, juice, wine or beer, require high-performance sanitary surfaces that are easy to clean and resistant to abrasion, staining and corrosion from harsh chemicals.  To support Lindt’s health and safety requirements, as well as the loading demands from the use of forklifts and pallet trucks, Ceramic Solutions introduced high performing Emotion-Grip tiles from German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal. 

Using 15mm thick tiles with an R11 slip resistant and "Protecta" upgrade finish for stain resistance and easy cleaning, 1,825sqm of floor tiles were installed with matching coves to prevent the build-up of any contamination within the factory floor corners. 

Epoxy or polyurethane finishes, which are often considered a lower-cost alternative, result in higher lifecycle costs in the long-term, because the epoxy starts to break-down in less than 7 years, introducing unhygienic cracks within the flooring and interuption to production due to the need for constant maintance. 

Choosing an appropriate flooring system is an investment decision for any business.  A fit-for-purpose, properly maintained tiled floor offers long-term, high-performance advantages.

Floor Facts

 - Resilience: Industrial tiles are designed to survive exposure to strong chemicals.  

 - Safety: Ceramic tiles have a large range of slip resistant and profile finishes designed for wet or oily environments.

 - Cost: A properly maintained ceramic tile floor will last the life of the building, thus saving refurbishment costs.

 - Time: Eliminate maintenance of resurfacing.

 - Forklift Friendly: Fit-for-purpose tiles are designed to carry the weight of forklifts, including point loads created during turning manoeuvers.  

 - Environment: Ceramic tiles are a green option and don't release any harmful VOC's into the environment.