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Luxury Bathroom Tile Designs

Ceramic Solutions range of luxury bathroom tiles transforms a bathroom into a show piece.  Jasba mosaics and Agrob Buchtal tiles provides unlimited combinations of beautiful bathroom designs, whether its for apartments, hotels or public restrooms.  German made, these tiles provide a luxurious feel underfoot.  Featured below are examples of luxury bathroom tile designs with a range of glossy glazes and filigree surface structures. 

Luxury tiled bathroom design
 Classic round mosaic bathroom design
  Luxury tiled bathroom design
Luxury bathroom tiles featuring Jasba "Highlands" mosaics
 Luxury bathroom tiles featuring Jasba "Loop" mosaics  Luxury bathroom tiles featuring Jasba "Homing" mosaics



Public Restroom Tile Designs

The design of public rest rooms is essential to the success and function of all building projects.  Good planning combined with the use of durable bathroom tiles creates a safe, clean and comfortable public environment.  Featured below are examples of Agrob Buchtal floor and wall tiles within public bathroom designs.

Jasba luxury bathroom tiles Luxury tiled bathroom design
  Luxury tiled bathroom design
Arana Hills Shopping Centre Amenities
 Virgin Active Amenities
  Southgate Shopping Centre Amenities



Benefits of Agrob Buchtal & Jasba Bathroom Tiles:

Easy Maintenance:

When it comes to bathroom, cleaning and hygiene are paramount.  HT tiles reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemical agents, because the tile surface allows dirt to be removed from the surface much easier than a standard tile finish.  This not only reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, it also helps to reduce the environmental impact of the facility.


Public safety is a primary design consideration in public rest rooms.  Agrob Buchtal launched the first slip-resistant tiles in the 1930's, since then the manufacturer has developed a huge range of slip-resistant tile designs that offers maximum safety.

Managing odours in a bathroom:

Thanks to the development of Agrob Buchtal's HT material, the photocatalytic effect releases clean oxygen into a room and eliminates unwelcome odours quickly and thoroughly.  HT tiles also destroy bacteria, fungi and germs and prevents the development of new pathogenes.



Bathroom Tile Projects:

See examples of luxury residential bathroom designs and commercial tiled bathroom designs.