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Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance tiles 

Since the market launch of Slip-Resistant ceramic tiles in the early 1930s, there has been continued innovation to further develop surface designs and function, including low-noise and vibration-free ceramic coverings, as well as micro-resistant glazes for barefoot areas in swimming pools.

At Ceramic Solutions, we have available a huge range of fit-for-purpose slip-resistance ceramic tiles.

Effective protection against accidents

Slipping is the primary cause of accidents, whether you're using ceramic, vinyl or wooden flooring.  That is why the trade associations require floor surfaces to be smooth, slip-resistant and easy to clean.  Our tile range covers all slip-resistant groups and offers maximum safety in the most diverse industrial and commercial areas of application. 

For Swimming Pools; Ceramic Solutions provides aesthetic tiles with graded slip resistance, which permit a uniform design from the entrance zone to the wet barefoot areas.

In Canteen Kitchens and Workshops where there is an extreme risk of accidents resulting from fatty waste and lubricants, Ceramic Solutions provides special tiles with displacement space and slip-resistance.


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