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Leading Tile System Solution Providers Nationwide

Established in 1994, Ceramic Solutions are the leading providers of tile system solutions Australia-wide.  Owing to a global network of manufacturer suppliers and decades-long established relationships, Ceramic Solutions has a unique ability to offer value managed client-focussed solutions ensuring tiling projects can be delivered not only within budget but using fit-for-purpose high quality materials assembled to provide a tiling solution with longevity.

Ceramic Solutions understands the importance of capital investments for the future and by engaging with professional suppliers with long operating histories can offer credible warranties.  This coupled with national and global relationships with the best consultants, researchers and manufacturers, a deep trading history and a hunger for learning, ensures Ceramic Solutions is at the forefront of materials performance and application.  In short, we know and understand ceramic tiles and their application like no other.

As the only truly national tiling contractor/wholesaler, Ceramic Solutions has extensive knowledge in climatic, logistical and regional challenges generated in a country as diverse as Australia.

Our staff have decades of experience in tile system solutions across a range of applications including ceramic and brickslip facades, internal and external surfaces, areas requiring high-performance attributes and superior safety characteristics such as such as food/beverage production facilities, shopping centres and public spaces.

In our decades of operation, we have worked for every leading builder in the country as well as directly for an extensive range of government and private organisations.

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Featured Project

Level Crossing Removal projects

Ceramic Solutions are proudly working for the North Western Program Alliance on the level crossing removal projects at the Moreland and Coburg railway stations being delivered by the John Holland Group. Platforms in both directions along with parts of the central entry and ticketing area are lined with Agrob Buchtal Keratwin non-combustible façade panels in colour neutral grey 1.  These ceramic panels are robust, graffiti-proof and self-cleaning as a result of their HytectTM surface.  Level Crossings Vic have released a video offering the community a preview of the completed Coburg station and precinct – very exciting!

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