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Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection   cleaning agents

To ensure ceramic tiles continue looking great, performing to their slip rating  and are hygienically clean, Ceramic Solutions distributes tile safe (RK Approved) cleaning products manufactured by Dr. Nusken.

Dr. Nusken cleaning agents are commercial cleaning products specifically designed for tiled floors and grout.  The product range includes alkaline and mild acidic cleaners, for the removal of fatty residue, limescale or dirt. 


 Understanding pH levels in cleaning chemicals

 Essential knowledge for cleaners



Understanding The Type of Dirt That Exists On Your Pool Concourse

Understanding the type of floor contamination that exists on your floor is key to determine the type of cleaning agents required.  ONE FLOOR CLEANER DOES NOT REMOVE ALL DIRT AND GRIME - DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE ADVERTISE!


Range of applicationMaterialsType of contamination




Cleaning agents
Entrance hallsCeramic, Stone, PVCStreet dust, Shoe deposits

  Dry brooms

  Sweeping machine

  Wet scrubber

  Vacuum cleaner

  Rubber squeegee

Neutral Cleaner

Weak Alkaline cleaner


Floors: Skin sheddings, Oil deposits, Calcium

Bowls: Urine, Calcification



  High-pressure equip.

  Power scrubber

Weak Alkaline or

Weak Acidic cleaner

Bowls: strong acidic cleaners

Shower roomsTiles, Chromed fittings

Skin oils & particles

Calcium, soaps



  High-pressure equip.

  Power scrubber

Weak to strong alkaline cleaners.

Fittings: Weak acidic cleaners

Barefoot passages

Pool surrounds


Skin oils & particles

Calcium deposits



 High-pressure equip.

  Power scrubber


Weak to strong acidic cleaners

with Alkaline cleaners

Window sillsAluminium, GlassCalcium deposits


  Spray equipment

Neutral to weak acidic cleaners


Cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acids should not be used - will destroy tiles and stainless steel fixtures.


Effective, rational and economic cleaning and disinfection are possible only if appropriate easy-to-clean materials are specified for the floor, wall, seating and lying surfaces during the planning and implementing phases.  Surfaces such as exposed aggregate, concrete and rubber surfaces trap dirt and become difficult to maintain hygiene.  Tiled surfaces containing HT coating, make cleaning easier and prevent bacteria, fungi and viruses growing.


Cleaning Tiles in Aquatic Centres                                 

For thorough cleaning operations, adequate time must be made available outside of the opening hours of the facility.

In order to avoid destruction of surfaces and the underlying materials, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of:

- the nature of the contamination to be removed,

- the materials to be cleaneded, and

- the chemical characteristics of the cleaning agents.


Cleaning Pool Concourse

Only those cleaning chemicals that have been classified as "RK Tile Safe" should be used on ceramic floors.  

The pH-value of the cleaning agents is of special significance.  It indicates whether a gtiven product is alkaline, neutral or acidic.  The pH-scale ranges between 0 and 14 (7=neutral, less than 7=acidic, greater than 7=alkaline).

For the cleaning and care of ceramic coverings in wet areas of swimming pools, the use of film-forming substances, waxes, polymers must be avoided.  Such surface treatments, in conjunction with extreme dampness can lead to a reduction in slip-resistance.  In addition the use of alkaline cleaners need to be thoroughly rinsed with hot water.  If alkaline is not rinsed properly, the sitting detergent will slippery underfoot and attract dirt.  


Ceramic Solutions Cleaning Product Range

For the cleaning and care of ceramic coverings, Ceramic Solutions distributes Dr. Nusken cleaning products.