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Facade building  

Creative Facade Design

AGROB facades provide attractive designs and sophisticated techniques for the development of new buidings or renovation of existing buildings.  Architects, planners and building owners benefit from the unique variety of products; besides modern facade solutions, high-quality ceramic tiles for the most diverse applications are available - with a huge range of colours, sizes and surfaces available to match any style or decor.

The facade systems from AGROB have proven themselves to be resistant to the most diverse climatic conditions over decades of application.  The product families KeraTwin and KerAion offer innumerable possibilities: whether glazed or unglazed, modern plank format or representative large size panel. 

The system of the curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade



Combined the insulating materials in any thickness desired, curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades ensure an agreeable, healthy interior climate. 

This thermal insulation satisfys the elevated requirements of "low-energy houses" without any problems.  Summer heat cannot penetrate into the interior, and the measurable reduction of the heating energy requirement helps to protect the climate due to lower CO2 emmissions. 

As the steam diffusion resistance decreases from inside towards outside, moisture is carried away through the rear ventilation space.  In this way, the function of the insulation is permantly retained.  And thanks to the great variety of colours and formats of our ceramic facade systems, there are no limits to creative design.




The KeraTwin facades are simply hung in the vertical system rail with the holding grooves on the reverse side.  For mounting the panels, no additional tools are required.  The compression spring and removal protection integrated in the system rail prevents clattering and constraining forces in the case of alternating wind loads and also the easy removal of panels.  The position of the panels is secured either by means of a joint profile adjusted to the joint width or by means of a spacer.

Facade building    Facade corner 


Note: A variety of mitre-cut panels are available, creating harmonious facade designs.  KeraTwin has available multiple fastening systems to suit different building requirements.


Facade building

Singapore's new top address, the SL. Regis Hotel opened in 2008, is considered as exemplary from the ecological point of view: the awarding of the coveted Green Mark in gold, the self-cleaning facade made of KeraTwin panels played a decisive part. 

The buildings appearance is exactly how the architect imagined, conveying the impression of natural limestone, but remains perfectly clean in the long term thanks to HT.



Facade building

Available with invisible fastening clasps or visible clamp fastening.  Low panel weight facilitates transport and handling and also permits the use in case of a statically demanding building project. 

Suitable for use on metal and wood structure and creates and excellent look of the facade thanks to a particular unifromjoint structure.  To prevent clattering and constraining forces in the case of alternating wind loads, the facade panels are installed on the substructure in a non-rigid way by means of foamed pieces.

Facade building
 Presisely defined glaze colours created an attractive and distinctive facade.  AGROB's planning department were able to assist in the facade design by providing solutions to difficult edges through optimal arrangement of panels. 


Restoration: Enhancing the status of existing buildings

Modern facade ceramics also offer solutions for the renovation of buildings with problematic basic structure, this provides a visual and energy efficient result.  Numerous buildings erected as low-cost projects (such as the 1960's), can be easily and economically modernised.  The replacement of old cladding with curtain-type facades (KeraTwin or KerAion) panels, will turn renovation projects into urban highlights, whilst also being energy efficient.

Facade buildingFacade building 

Residential building erected at the beginning of the 1960s as a low-cost project.  Instead of demolishing the multi-storey building, a general renovation was undertaken both inside and out. 

The original cladding was made of fibre cement, which did not meet the current standards.  Replaced by curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade created a visual highlight in urban development and also heat insulation.




Self-Washing Effect

HT is manufactured into the ceramic facade panel, resulting in a self-cleaning surface.  When rain falls, dirt and impurities are washed down the ceramic surface.  In addition, it's antibacterial surface means algae, fungi and moss will not grow.  The maintenance requirement of traditional cladding systems increases with time.  HT facades remain self-washing thereby reducing costs. 


Environment Benefit

HT's photocatalytic effect decomposes the exhaust fumes created by industry and cars.  Scientific analysis prove that a HT facade surface of 1000m2 cleans the air as effectively as 70 medium sized deciduous trees.  The coating, which is unique in its form, is practically indestructible. 


Ceramic Material

Ceramics have a long tradition in architecture.  Ceramic facades offer a multitude of product-specific advantages such as longevity or resistance to environmental influences.  They can be perfectly combined with other facade material such as glass or steel.  In addition, the rear-ventilated facade systems combine superior technical characteristics with excellent climatic properties.  Ceramic products used as rain screen cladding also meet asthectic challenges of modern architecture.  A variety of sizes, surfaces and colours provide unlimitted design scope. 



AGROB has an excellent reputation in contemporary architure.  Supplying ceramic facades and tile products to projects all over the world.  With attractive product range, AGROB offers a quality guarantee with uncomprising safety.

The development of AGROB products is based on over 100 years in research and innovation to manufacture facade products with efficient installation methods, resulting in considerable saving of time and a reducuction in costs.

AGROB exclusively manufacture in Germany. Each year they help realise many individual, project specific ideas.  Resulting in the supply of ceramic cladding to buildings with unmistable appearance and beauty.  


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