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Agrob Buchtal’s Patient room of the future

Clean Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

More than two years of research and development has led to the creation of ROOM 2525, a hospital patient room full of innovations and technical highlights.  Combining modern design and an atmosphere of wellbeing, ROOM 2525 is designed for optimal medical health care conditions.

A visionary research project involving 20 partners focused on the changing needs and the increasing demands of patient care, Dr. Wolfgang Sittel, Head of Architecture and Construction at Asklepios Clinic says “during a hospital stay patients want to be accommodated in a professional and competent environment that promotes emotional and physical well-being.”

The series TWIN from Agrob Buchtal is an integral part of the room concept and makes a valuable contribution to the sanitary area of ROOM 2525.  Agrob Buchtal’s patented Hytect material provides an extremely clean-friendly surface and its anti-bacterial finish prevents the growth of bacteria and germs.  The photocatalytic nature of Hytect tiles also results in the release of clean oxygen and removes any unpleasant odours within the room.

Twin tiles are a novel ceramic interpretation of wood and stone, creating a natural and luxurious ambience that has little in common with a classic hospital.  The tiles also provide emission-free properties with a safe walking and long term, durable finish.

Elegant and functional design combined with high-quality materials has resulted in a room similar to a luxurious wellness hotel.  Intelligent technology involving light control, air quality and barrier free bathroom design makes it easier for patients to attend clinic days with the reactions being consistently positive.  Dr Sittel says “we will continue to test the effects of the room and let the experience gained in this process be incorporated into future refined concepts.”

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