Alex Wessling wins NAWIC award for Innovation in Design

High Rise Noncombustible Facade

MBMO are proud to announce that Alex Wessling, has won the prestigious NAWIC Awards for Innovation in Design Award.  As Project Architect for the Stage 1 Redevelopment at the Sydney Adventist Hospital Alex has made a significant contribution to the design of this project.

Set in the leafy bushland of Wahroonga, Sydney Adventist Hospital (fondly known as “the SAN”) completed a three-year $181 million redevelopment project which includes provision for up to 200 new beds, 10 additional operating theatres, a new Maternity, Women’s Health and Children’s Unit, an Integrated Cancer Centre, and a new car park, entry and arrivals building.

The building is clad in Agrob Buchtal’s Keratwin non-combustible façade system and Agrob Buchtal tiles feature internally in reception foyers and lift wells.

“The “SAN” is an example how a world class health facility can also be world class architecture. This has been achieved by our design team led by Alex Wessling, that thinks outside the box to come up with the best and most efficient solutions, borrowing as appropriate from sectors other than health” remarked Sven Ollmann, Director, MBMO.

High Rise Noncombustible Wall
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