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Bathroom Concepts Using Jasba

Jasba mosaics barrier free bathrooms  Jasba bathroom tiles  Jasba bathroom tiles

Jasba's slip-resistant mosaics are designed for applications in dry and wet barefoot areas.  With 114 designs available in an R10/B finish, these mosaics give rise to unlimited combinations of beautiful and safe bathroom designs.

Today, bathroom concepts take into consideration new usage possibilities.  No longer a neglected little room, bathrooms are now show pieces and private wellness areas. 

Jasba's modular formats allow tiles to extend from the floor directly into the shower to achieve a seamless look throughout the entire bathroom.  Whether it's a barrier-free bathroom design or shower with built-in benches, Jasba allows you to create a spa-like retreat that is safe and easy to clean, thanks to its HT material.  


Below  - Design examples using Jasba tiles and mosaics.

Jasba tiles Jasba tiles Jasba tiles 
Jasba - Senja Pure, Shabby Chic Jasba - Loop, Aqua Blue Jasba - Highlands, Peat Grey 
Jasba tiles Jasba tiles Jasba tiles 
Jasba - Homing, Plum Mix Jasba - Essentials, Taupe Mix Jasba - Kauri, Sand Beige 

Visit Jasba's website to see the full range.