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Bathroom Flooring

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When it comes to choosing flooring, the bathroom has to be one of the toughest rooms to get right.  Selecting a surface that looks good and complements surrounding finishes is necessary, but it also has to stand up against water and humidity, be a safe surface to walk on and easy to clean.

5 priorities to consider before selecting your materials.

1. Impervious to water

Aquatic Showers Tiled

This seems an obvious criteria for a bathroom, but certain materials are prone to movement in humid conditions.  The bond strength is a critical factor, if the surface material can't hold fast attach to the adhesive then the longevity of the bathroom may be compromised.   Use suppliers which have permanent quality controls in place with accredited test laboratories. 

2.  Hardwearing

Agrob Buchtal Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are high traffic areas that are exposed to acidic cleaners.  A flooring surface that breaks-down in these conditions becomes a sanitary concern. Select products that don't require sealing.   

3.  Easy to clean     

Hospital Bathroom Agrob Buchtal Tiles

Selecting a material that impedes the growth of fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms (e.g. HT surface) will assist in maintaining a hygienic area. The level of displacement space within the floor will also affect the amount of cleaning required.  A high slip rating surface with a displacement rating will provide great safety under foot, but will trap body oils and dirt and be more difficult to clean. Bathroom floors need to be a slip resistant surface with a smooth finish that is safe, but also easy to clean.

4.  Slip resistance

jasba non slip mosaics

The bathroom is an area frequented by shoes and bare feet.  Whether it's a commercial or publicly used building - select manufactures that offer an extensive assortment of slip resistant coverings to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for the environment the bathroom is built within.  For instance a bathroom within an aquatic facility would require a different floor finish when compared to a bathroom within an office facility.  While private bathrooms are not subject to standard regulations, Ceramic Solutions recommends a slip-resistant surface for your personal safety. 

5.  Variety of styles

Jasba bathroom tiles

Selecting a flooring surface that is available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and slip resistance categories will provide a harmonious flow within the room and a clean transition between areas.  Flooring products that have a wide diversity of models, special pieces and accessories provide immense scope for function and aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic Solution takes pride in using manufacturers who's innovation in slip resistance flooring technology has resulted in winning numerous product design awards such as Red Dot, iF, and Deutsche Standards Edition - Brands of the Century.  With a huge range of tiles and mosaics to choose from, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your next bathroom project.