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Brick Facings


About Stroher

Stroher is a leading manufacturer of brick facade, producing world-class brick slips, corners and sill angles to achieve a genuine brick wall effect - without the costs and installation issues associated with traditional brick walls.

  Stroher facing bricks

New -  Metallic Black Brick Slip Facings

Sintered and fired (rather than black painted) STROHER's latest dark metallic facing bricks is quick to lay, smooth to touch and contains a somewhat weathered look, almost rugged - that will turn heads and arouse fascination.

  Metalic Brick Slip

Colour and Diversity with Brick Slips

The Stroher range of products offers a large number of various brick slips, from glazed to unglazed, plain solid-coloured to flashed characteristics - and all this combined with a versatile range of accessories.

  Brick Slips colours and sizes

Latest Architectural Projects using Brick Slips

Within the UK, four significant property developments - Knowley Sports and Youth Centre, The Mall Social Housing Complex, Quilley School of Engineering and the conversion of factory buildings to office blocks - all feature Stroher facing brick facades.

  Developments using slip bricks