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Ceramic Tiles to Combat Germs

Antibacterial Tiles Bathroom

Building materials that are easy to clean and prevents the spread of pathogens are essential within healthcare facilities, aquatic centres, amenities and food preparation areas.  Agrob Buchtal’s Hytect tiles have proven their effectiveness against the growth of bacterial, fungi and germs, as well as the removing of bad odours.  This effect is achieved through a photocatalytic process whereby Titanium Dioxide which is baked into the ceramic surface reacts with light and moisture to release activated oxygen which then decomposes germs, fungi, moss and bacteria.

Several independent scientific tests and reports prove the antibacterial effect of Hytect, comparing the growth of bacteria which had contact with a Hytect surface with a standard surface.

The image shows a comparison between two surfaces:  the longer the bacteria is in contact with the Hytect tile surface, the stronger the antibacterial effect.



E.Coli Bacteria Test

Hytect                     Standart Surface

E-Coli Sample Antibacterial Tiles