Agrob Buchtal, Ceramic Projects

Coburg and Moreland Railway Stations

Ceramic Solutions Project Showcase

Ceramic Solutions proudly worked for the North Western Program Alliance on the Level Crossing Removal Projects at the Moreland and Coburg railway stations delivered by the John Holland Group. The Moreland and Coburg stations, on the Upfield line, were a part of Victoria’s biggest ever level crossing removal initiative.

Architects Wood Marsh chose Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic façade panels on the platforms in both directions and in public thoroughfares leading to the platform including the ticketing area, owing to their outstanding performance characteristics. The panels are non-combustible, require little to no maintenance and are self-cleaning as a result of their HytectTM surface (which also makes them graffiti-proof). These features are pivotal to a railway project such as the Moreland and Coburg stations as they ensure longevity for the stations, offering a long-term infrastructure investment for Victorian taxpayers.

Combined with credible long-term warranties from German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal who have been manufacturing ceramic facades for over four decades, the Keratwin product is a superior non-combustible façade selection.

Victoria’s big build initiative is a major undertaking by the Government and has seen the Ceramic Solutions team work tirelessly to achieve program deadlines set by John Holland to achieve timely operation of the stations.

The works took place over eight weeks including weekends and extended shifts. Ceramic Solutions expert team worked diligently to realise the Government’s plans for the stations working closely with other trades as part of a diverse and dynamic worksite.

Program was achieved through daily coordination meetings, detailed synchronisation of material deliveries to various elevated work platforms, co-operation with other trades and a flexible mind-set. Despite 100 plus trade professionals on site at any given time, our dedicated installation team ensured the process was as smooth as possible.

Mechanically fixed, the system is able to be installed on a rapid basis and offers the flexibility of being able to remove individual panels to achieve specific access requirements.

Ceramic Solutions is proud of the installation of Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic façade system for the Moreland and Coburg stations. Our tiles are centre stage in Level Crossings latest YouTube video featuring the new look Coburg and Moreland stations.