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Curtain Type Facades


Facade building 
 Video clip of Agrob facade system - KeraTwin - utilised in a transport tunnel in France.

Benefits of Curtain-type:

  • HT coating making it easy to clean / self washing when it rains
  • Antibacterial effect means no algae or moss grow on the surface
  • Decomposes exhaust fumes produced by cars and industry and releases fresh air
  • Huge range of colours, forms and formats
  • Easy installation, with access to cables or concrete structure for inspection
  • Excellent ventilation and insulation
  • Resistant against earthquakes



The cost of ceramic tile ventilated facade systems is higher than cement sheeting, but much cheaper than hi-tech glass.  Costs will also vary based on customised printed designs.  One thing is for sure, the lifetime cost including maintenance and cleaning together with future refurbishment, are areas where ceramic tile has advantages over competing cladding materials.


In-house Planning

The in-house planning department of Agrob Buchtal offers professional CAD shop engineering drawings and application techniques.



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- Sydney Adventist Hospital - development stage

- Stage 1 complete: Sydney Adventist Hospital

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