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AGROB has released a range of tiles specifically for areas where soap, lubricants and greasy floor waste harbours and cause dangerous slip and fall accidents.  The new Emotion range offers safety in the workplace or a pleasant atmosphere for guests.  With a wide range of slate colours and designs to choose, there are three distinctive slip resistant qualities ranging from mountain rock (R11) to finely grained sandstone (R10) and through to the silky softness of smooth polished stone slabs (R9). 

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Applications- Safe walking in commercial and industrial areas

Tiles in Kitches    

Protects against the danger of slipping, e.g. in beverage bottling plants and laundries.

Hospital safe floorFulfils the heightened demands for sanitary areas, such as hospital and aged care bathrooms.
High Traffic floor tilesProvides safety for high traffic areas, e.g. in shopping centres, hotel foyers, restaurants, banks and hairdressing salons.
Bare Foot bathroom tilesFulfils the safety demands in dry barefoot hallways, changing and rest rooms.
Shower TilesProvides effective protection in shower rooms, swimming pool surroundings, as well as paddling pools.