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Curtain-type Facades

Curtain-type Facades from Agrob Buchtal has built up an excellent reputation in contemporary architecture.  It's efficient installation method means it saves time and money, whilst offering insulation to building exterior, easy clean surface for railway stations and fire-proof surface for underground tunnels. 

Facade building    Facade   Facade building  Facade

Available in a range of colours, textures and sizes, combined with insulating materials (in any thickness desired), Curtain-type facades provide a healthy interior climate that lowers energy costs.  Using a wall bracket as the basic substructure, the low weight panels are mounted by simply clicking into the substructure to create an even surface.  In the event a panel needs to be removed (.e. to access electrical cables or inspect concrete tunnel), a sheet metal key is inserted to unlock the panel or section, depending on the design.


Brick Slip Facings

Clinker bricks offer a reliable way to refresh old buildings or create complex architecture detail using a rich palette of brick designs.

The stylish bricks, manufacturered by Stroher in Germany, are safe to install, easy to care and resilient against frost and harsh weather conditions.

Clinker Bricks   Clinker Bricks   Clinker Bricks

In comparison to rendered facades, which get dirty, cracked and fall apart.  The extra strong 14mm brick slips offer an economical solution that will not require repair for many years to come.

Benefits of Clinker Bricks:

  • Lasting & fadeless colour
  • High dimesional stability
  • Easy care
  • Provides building insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Ideal for new developments or the renovation of an old structure


Ceramic Tile Cladding Systems

Ceramic tiled crossing

Ceramic tiles are not only ideal for indoors, the possibilities of application goes much further.  While many materials discolour owing to ageing and soiling and often require regular maintenance in the form of new coats of paint.  The freedom offered by ceramic tiles means it is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications, such as tunnels, bus stops, building exteriors, urban landscape, water features and elevated crossings. 

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