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HT Tiles & Grout

“Hygienically clean and environmentally sustainable”

In 2002 Ceramic Solutions and Agrob Buchtal raised the standards of modern day tiling by introducing to Australia through the German maker Deutsche Steinzeug, a unique tile which offers the following features:

  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Minimizes Odours
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Long-term guarantee

Where the highest standards of hygiene and environmental concerns are paramount Ceramic Solutions and Agrob Buchtal recommend HT.

HT Buildings that Breath

Environmental protection is one of the most urgent tasks of our days, and we feel obliged to contribute to it to a high degree.  That is why we are coating our ceramic tiles and facades with HT, which offers three special economical and ecological advantages:

- it is extremely easy to clean / self-washing effect with long term guarantee

- it has an antibacterial effect without using chemical products

- it decomposes the exaust fumes produced by cars and industry:  1000m² of facade ceramic with HT clean the air as effectively as 70 medium sized deciduous trees.

HT Simplified

Each tile contains a coating of titanium dioxide (Ti02) this is baked onto the tiles at high temperatures ensuring the bonding of the materials with the tile surface. When light is captured by each tile the titanium dioxide activates oxygen from the atmosphere, this process is called photocatalysis.

Once activated, decomposition of bacteria, algae and other known germs takes place, this minimizes odours ensuring a pleasant clean atmosphere and surface, whether it be walls or flooring the product is extremely durable. The surface of the tiles are now hydrophilic which means the water is spread over the surface to form a thin film, as the dirt is washed down by the water it can be removed with minimal cleaning, reducing costs of maintenance work and cleaning aids.

Ceramic Solutions in 2011 completed the HT system by offering matching grout.

HT tile with matching grout
Non-HT tile with standard grout


Due to the unique HT system everyone now has the option of enjoying beautiful, hygienically clean surfaces and atmosphere along with a long-term guarantee. Agrob Buchtal’s HT tiles are available in a range of colours, shapes and textures and can be used in any setting, whether it is your home or a commercial building it can be done.

See the complete comparison with the HT Effect on other surfaces.

See HT and its medical applications within hospitals, hydrotherapy pools, operation theaters, aged care and nursing homes, dentist and doctor clinics.


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