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JASBA mosaics in the King’s Cross Station, London

London Airport Ceramic Tiling

Just prior to the 2012 Olympic games in London, the new modernised King’s Cross Station was opened, revealing one of the most innovative designs in transport architecture.

An integral part of the design is gloss white penny-round mosaics from the new Jasba LOOP series.  As part of the roof feature there are millions of mosaics, which create a mystically shimmering effect.  The penny-round tiles with a diameter of 20mm, meander throughout the entire facility and are the ideal finish for organic structures, pillars and wave-shaped surfaces; with the pattern requiring no defined direction to create a breathtaking roof construction.

In addition to housing the infamous platform 9 and ¾ from which Harry Potter catches the Hogwarts Express, the dramatically modernized King’s Cross Station is considered an architectural masterpiece.  The design has been able to respect the Victorian roots of this public transport building full of history and at the same time translate the building into the 21st century. The ceramic mosaics from Jasba make a visible and perceptible contribution to this architectural statement, enriching the futuristic concept by cleverly moulding themselves to the built form and offering a bright and luminescent surface, improving lux levels and providing an intriguing surface for travellers.

London Airport Ceramic Projects
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