Ceramic Projects

New Kind of Grocery Shopping Experience

Anti-Bacterial Tiles On Food Store

After opening its newest store, Germany’s modern Globus hypermarket intends to change the way people do their grocery shopping.   Designed as an attractive and interactive marketplace, the store encourages people to stroll, try and stay.  With its wide and spacious corridors and high-quality porcelain stoneware from Agrob Buchtal, a stylish ambience is created turning grocery shopping into an experience.

Flooring Criteria

To ensure the hypermarket continues to have an attractive appearance for a long time, Globus undertook extensive product tests and life cycle cost analysis  based on purchase prices and subsequent maintenance costs.  Ceramic tiles from Agrob Buchtal’s “New Market” series fit within Globus specifications – combining an attractive look with a high level of robustness and longevity.

The extra thick ceramic 15mm tiles within the “New Market” series are designed to handle the weight of forklifts, pallet trucks or similar rolling loads.  And thanks to the Protecta Upgrade finish, the tiles prevent the penetration of substances forming stains.  Thus the facility is easy to clean and will continue looking good for many years to come.

Project Details

Product: Agrob Buchtal, New Market 300x600mm tiles

Area: 12,000sqm

Hypermarket Non Slip Flooring Non slip Tiles
Supermarket Eco Tiled Aisle