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Ceramic Solutions source price appropriate products from a global network of suppliers and install these products using a tile-system solution approach that considers the end-user and the way in which the tile system will be utilised. This is what we do.

Why do we do what we do? At Ceramic Solutions we are never content with the status quo. We like to extend our knowledge base by learning new things, meeting new people, sourcing new products, looking for synergies and creating value in the sweet spot that exists between disciplines and processes. We love solving technical problems and have created a specialisation doing this.

We do this by creating solutions to specific client requirements across a broad range of property applications ranging from public showpieces to the most functional industrial facilities. This is achieved by working with global partners offering deep specialisation in their field and drawing upon our vast experience applied with passion and enthusiasm.
Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t mispresent that we are tile manufacturers in our own right. Our partnerships are with reputable, long standing manufacturers who proudly put their name and country of manufacture on their products and packaging.

Clients who work with Ceramic Solutions know the source of the products they are purchasing and are assured of credible manufacturer and installer warranties.

Want to know more? See the categories below to learn more about our specialisations across a range of applications, browse this website to see our Project Showcase, learn more About Us or visit our sister site for a full understanding of our aquatic capabilities.

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