Anti-Bacterial Tiles

Never before has the importance of anti-bacterial, hygienic and easily cleaned ceramic surfaces been greater. Agrob Buchtal’s Hytect tiles have proven their effectiveness against the growth of bacteria, fungi and germs, as well as the removal of bad odours and prevention of spread of pathogens. This effect is achieved on the principle of photocatalysis, whereby oxygen is activated by light which then decomposes bacteria, germs, fungi and moss.

Hygienic surfaces are imperative in food production and preparation, healthcare, aged care and aquatic settings not to mention amenities and other public spaces in a post COVID world. Hytect tiles from German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal are available for internal floor and wall applications and offer powerful benefits not only in the area of improved hygiene but reduced cleaning effort.

Agrob Buchtal’s Hytect is a highly effective and durable coating, which involves Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) being durably and inseparably baked onto the ceramic surface at high temperature. This treatment acts as a permanent catalyst and triggers a life-long reaction activated by light (photocatalytic) with oxygen and humidity. The reaction results in the release of activated oxygen and gives rise to a highly hydrophilic ceramic surface.

The hydrophilic surface drives the first function listed below, whilst the activated oxygen generates the remaining 2 functions:

  • > The hydrophilic surface forms a microscopic film of moisture over the panel, preventing the build-up of dirt and grime and facilitating an easy to clean lining surface
  • > Pollutants such as nitrous oxides react with the activated oxygen and are transformed into harmless compounds
  • > Decomposes fungi, algae, moss and inhibits growth.

The Hytect surface delivers the following important outcomes:

Easy to Clean – saving a great deal of time in terms of ongoing cleaning effort but also has been shown to dramatically reduce the volume of chemical cleaning agents.

Ceramic Supplier Hytect Process

Pollutant and Bad Odour Decomposition – The Hytect surface has been proven to actively break down air pollutants and industrial and vehicular emissions, such as nitrous oxides. 1000m2 of Hytect wall ceramics has been found to clean the air as effectively as 70 medium sized deciduous trees.

Hytect Architectural Tiles

Antibacterial Effects – The activated oxygen that is released at the surface of the Hytect ceramics have been shown to decompose a range of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and fungus. As microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus and mould come into contact with the ceramic surface or commence growth on the surface, the activated oxygen decomposes the microorganisms and continually impedes the growth of new microorganisms.

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These beneficial effects have been scientifically documented in reports prepared by German scientific laboratories.

Easy Tiles Cleaning Solutions

Hytect – Stain Resistance Self Cleaning Demonstration Video

Antibacterial Tiles

Hytect – Anti-Bacterial Demonstration Video

Eco Friendly Tiles Cleans The Air

Hytect – Air Quality Demonstration Video

Protecta Surface Upgrade

Agrob Buchtal has introduced Protecta surface upgrading to improve stain and dirt resistance in high foot traffic areas such as shopping centres, airports and aquatic centres. The Protecta upgrade is applied as part of the manufacturing process causing the pores within the ceramic to close. In this way, the penetration of substances forming stains is prevented.

Products with Protecta surface upgrade are marked with the Protecta symbol.

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