Ceramic Facades

Exterior tiling is nothing new, with ceramic facades having been a popular choice for architects around the world since the mid 1800’s. These buildings still demonstrate today how, over a century later, ceramic cladding resists changes in temperature, atmospheric attack from pollution and provides a mechanically, thermally and acoustically resistant envelope for the building.

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Suitable for public and private buildings and infrastructure projects such as railway stations and tunnels, ceramic facades offer a design life in excess of 50 years. Ceramic facades are suitable for both new builds and the refurbishment of old buildings.

German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal have been manufacturing tiles for over 250 years and non-combustible ceramic façade panels and feature elements for over 40 years. Their deep experience and competence extends to the preparation of shop drawings. Façade types are available in 3 categories:

Ceramic Supplier Keratwin

KeraTwin – Panels available in wide choice of colours, surface finishes and horizontal or vertical formats including ultra wide panels.

Kerashape Elemente Ceramic Projects

KeraShape – Three-dimensional façade elements providing surface articulation, visual screening and sun protection.

Ceramic Facade Keraion

KerAion – Large format light weight façade panels particularly suited to large scale facades where panels create a design feature.

Ceramic Solutions specialise in the procurement and installation of ceramic façade panels utilising proprietary mechanically fixed systems or code compliant adhesive fixed methodologies.

Local partner JamesHardie provides non-combustible and waterproof substrate solutions with certification to meet the Building Code of Australia.

Ceramic Supplier Agrob Ceramic Facade

Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Systems

Benefits of Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facades

  • Non-combustible – certified to AS1530.1
  • Low/no maintenance – durable, light and colour fast, anti-graffiti
  • Thermal protection – wall system design offered impressive U-values
  • Noise isolation – when combined with mineral insulation sound reductions of up to 14dB
  • Mechanically fixed – diverse range of fastenings for horizontal, vertical & overhead installations
  • Rapid installation – modular system enables rapid installation from conventional access methods
  • Credible long-term warranties – provided by long standing reputable manufacturer
  • Easy panel replacement – vandal/impact damage addressed through individual panel replacements
  • Hytect – proven technology which is self-cleaning, impedes growth of bacteria and microorganisms and actively breaks down airborne pollutants as verified by independent testing institutes

Agrob Buchtal ceramic façades are manufactured with Hytect technology, a photocatalytic material that provides self-cleaning, anti-graffiti and anti-bacterial properties and which degrades nitrous oxides from air polluted by exhaust fumes. Hytect contributes to the preservation of a healthy environment – a coated façade surface of 1000m2 has the same filtered effect as 70 deciduous trees. For more information visit our Anti-Bacterial Tiles page.

For assistance with your façade project phone us on 03 9545 5322 or email our sales team at sales@ceramicsolutions.com.au.