Cleaning & Hygiene

To ensure ceramic tiles continue looking great, perform to their slip rating and are hygienically clean, Ceramic Solutions distributes tile safe (RK Approved) cleaning products manufactured by Dr. Nusken.

Dr. Nusken cleaning agents are commercial cleaning products specifically designed for tiled floors and grout. The product range includes alkaline and mild acidic cleaners for the removal of fatty residue, limescale or dirt.

Understanding the type of floor contamination that exists on your floor is key to determine the type of cleaning agents required. This is the responsibility of building owners, facility manager and cleaning contractors and staff.

Cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acids should not be used – these will destroy the tiles and damage other fixtures and fittings.

Cleaning machinery and equipment with abrasive inclusions should not be used – these will destroy tile surfaces.

Effective, rational and economic cleaning and disinfection are possible only if appropriate easy-to-clean materials are specified for floor and wall surfaces during the planning and implementing phases. Surfaces such as exposed aggregate, concrete and rubber surfaces trap dirt and become difficult to maintain hygiene. Tiled surfaces containing Hytect coating, make cleaning easier and prevent bacteria, fungi and viruses growing. For more information on Hytect visit our Antibacterial Tiles page.

Cleaning Tiles in Public Facilities

For thorough cleaning operations, adequate time must be made available outside of the opening hours of the facility. In order to avoid destruction of surfaces and the underlying materials, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of:
– the nature of the contamination to be removed,
– the materials to be cleaned, and
– the chemical characteristics of the cleaning agents.

The pH-value of the cleaning agents is of special significance. It indicates whether a given product is alkaline, neutral or acidic. The pH-scale ranges between 0 and 14 (7=neutral, less than 7=acidic, greater than 7=alkaline).

Ceramic Solutions Cleaning Product Range



Alkaline concentrated cleaning agent for removing organic dirt and fatty deposits. Effortlessly removes grease, wax, lime soap and cosmetic stains.


Aquatic & Leisure centres, swimming pools, bathrooms, amenities, retirement villages, shopping centres, food factories, commercial kitchens, hospitals.

Mild alkaline cleaner for removing organic dirt from general foot traffic. Ideal for vacuum scrubbers. Also used to neutralise acidic cleaning agents.

Regular cleaning (can be used on synthetic surfaces and stone floors). Ideal for swimming pools, Aquatic & Leisure centres, commercial kitchens, food production areas, shopping centres, hotel lobbies, foyers, hospitals. Neutralise builders clean.

Acidic intensive cleaner for removing stubborn mineral dirt and incrustations, such as limescale and urine. Free from hydrochloric acid. Ideal for vacuum scrubbers.

Regular cleaning for tiles, synthetic or natural stone floors in Aquatic & Leisure centres, swimming pools, bathrooms, amenities, retirement villages, shopping centres, food factories, commercial kitchens, hospitals. Also used for “builders clean” to remove cement residue.

Further details can be found in the Ceramic Solutions “Circle of Solutions” Brochure

For the cleaning and care of ceramic coverings, Ceramic Solutions distributes Dr. Nusken cleaning products.
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