Glues, Grouts and Membranes

Established in 1985, German manufacturer Sopro is one of Europe’s leading building chemical manufacturers and boasts a long and successful record in purpose manufactured glues, grouts and membranes for commercial and industrial applications. Their product range is specified for projects subjected to the heaviest loads and strictest requirements, delivering functionally efficient and aesthetically appealing solutions world-wide.

Ceramic Solutions are the proud importers and certified installers of these products in Australia predominantly for utilisation on our own project portfolio as and when approved.

Ceramic Solutions offer Sopro tiling system solutions for the following applications:


Wall and floor applications
for indoor and outdoors


Installation of fired brickslips
and extruded tiles


Food processing and heavy load
manufacturing facilities

Sopro Product Features

  • Flexible tile adhesives ensure a strong bond and are
    capable of withstanding a degree of substrate
  • Sag-resistant adhesives for wall applications
  • Flexible, rapid-set waterproof membranes – suitable
    for cold weather applications and offering short
    setting time frames
  • Lime free, cementitious grouts prevent efflorescence
    (whitish coat appearing on the grout surface)

Benefits of Sopro Glues, Grouts and Membranes

  • Straightforward application
  • Maximum safety
  • Durability
  • Conformity with technical regulations including environmental requirements

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