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Profile Tiles and Displacement Space

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Slip resistant tiles are specialised tiles with different kinds of profiled or roughened surfaces.  Australian law stipulates the use of slip resistant surfaces in commercial areas where there is an increased risk of slipping.  Using quality German manufactured floor tiles from Agrob Buchtal can provide business owners with a durable, high performance and long term floor with a life in excess of 25 years. This makes the floor an “economic miracle” when compared to other floor types, which would need replacing up to six times within that time frame!

Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing and Bakeries

In processing areas, where there are often significant volumes of liquids (generated either during the production process or as a s result of daily cleaning practices) , profiled tiles make for a safe working environment and are generally easier to maintain and keep clean.  Many series with in the Agrob Buchtal commercial tiles range contain profiled surfaces and displacement spaces that allow water and/or oils to run away from the surface.

The displacement space is the open space between the upper walked-on and the drainage level of the profiled tile surfaces.  This space is indicated by a “V” rating with the number indicating the volume of the displacement space (V4 to V10).

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