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Protecta Surface Upgrading

Protected Upgrade

AGROB BUCHTAL's range of Architectural ceramic tiles includes a Protecta Surface Upgrading.  This coating is applied during the manufacturing process to increase the tiles level of hardwearing and resistance to stains. 

Protecta manufacture


Protecta Upgrading is available on most AGROB tiles and is recommended for high traffic commercial and industrial wall and floor areas.  This includes factory floors, shopping centre walkways, public amenities, airport terminals, aquatic centres, restaurants and food serving areas.

Products with Protecta Surface Upgrading are marked with the "Protected" symbol (located above).


  • Excellent oil/water repellent
  • Protection against staining
  • Retains existing surface colour and finish
  • Formulated for indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for areas of high traffic foot fall or wheeled traffic
  • Long lasting protection against commercial cleaning
  • Looks new longer and cleaning is made easier
  • No need to apply coatings, waxes or sealers



Examples of Protecta Application

Heavy Duty Tiles 


Robust, long lasting and easy to clean, also available in ceramic floor warning strips.

Commercial Kitchen Floor 

Factory floors and Commercial kitchen

Ideal in areas where liquids, fat or grease land on the floor.  Protecta Upgrading is available in a range of slip-resistant tiles, making for a clean and safe work environment.

Medical Flooring tiles 

Dental and Medical facilities

When hygiene is essential, Hydrotect combind with Protecta upgrading provides anti-bacterial benefits combined with easy cleaning.