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Round-About Art with Tiles

Roundabout Closeup Ceramic Tiles

Round-abouts improve the flow of traffic, reduce the complexity of traffic hubs and are associated with a far lower risk of accidents than other unregulated crossings. At the same time, they require quite a lot of space and create a central area which is cut off from the surrounding environment.

Many cities have discovered that these central islands can be used for drawing attention to features, such as sumptuous flowerbeds or historic monuments.

Agrob Buchtal was involved in a project that involved the redesign of a roundabout centre with a difference. With a diameter of 12.5 meters, artist Peter Regli designed a triangular pattern using colour shades of blue, red and white ceramic tiles. A total of 900 ceramic tiles, cut to size using a water-jet, make up the round-about feature.

Agrob Buchtal Eco Friendly Tiles offered three essential advantages. First the tiles are colour-fast and largely maintenance free, ; secondly the tile glaze options provide for infinite artistic design possibilities. Thirdly the tiles contain a Hytect surface that actively breaks down air pollutants and car fumes, making it an environmentally sustainable piece of art.

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