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Design Development

Ceramic Solutions staff are suitably qualified and trained to work with Architects and Interior Designers to assist with the specification of fit-for-purpose tiles for any application including ceramic floor and wall tiles for both internal and external applications such as facades.
Input is regularly provided relating to surface finish, format, tile composition and application as these relate to cost, safety, longevity, cleaning and other variables.



Ceramic Solutions have a track record of installing large and technically complex tiling packages.  Many of these can be seen in our Project Showcase.  Ceramic Solutions have an excellent safety record and a vast tiler resource base.  Ceramic Solutions is one of the few Australian contractors capable of completing projects nationally, having carried out installations in remote locations such as Halls Creek and Esperence in Western Australia, through to Borroloola Northern Territory and Mt Isa in Queensland.


Shop drawings

Ceramic Solutions can prepare shop drawings for complex installations at the request of a designer, engineer or client. 


Test Results

Ceramic Solutions products are subject to German manufacturing standards which require compliance with German DIN standards.  These are often more stringent than the Australian equivalents.  In response to specific requests, Ceramic Solutions has also had products tested in Australia adopting Australian Standards.  Test results are available upon request. 



Ceramic Solutions provide industry best-practice warranties capable of being backed up by its reputable manufacturers. 


cleaning agents  Cleaning Products & Instructions

Ceramic Solutions is diligent in helping you maintain the cleanliness of your ceramic tile floors, by providing a range of cleaning agents specially formulated to remove contimation without causing damage to the surface and surrounds.  Ceramic Solutions also has available a database of preferred cleaning and maintenance methodologies for all tile products.   


Green BuildingEnvironmental Responsibilities

Our products are in accordance with ISO 14025 and are internationally accredited for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. 


Ceramic Tile Suface maintenanceMaking diligent decisions for floor surfaces - Download

Choosing the right floor surface is a diligent design choice based on research, knowledge, professional advice and purpose.  At Ceramic Solutions the three most commonly asked questions:

  • Is my floor safe?
  • Is it fit for the purpose it has in the building area?
  • Am I using the right cleaning solutions?

Floor surface decisions can be made and monitored using a Circle of Solutions table.  Download the latest whitepaper to assist you with making the right choices - applicable to pool tiles, bathroom tiles, sport and leisure centres, restaurants, hospitals and kitchen tiles.